While the most frequently asked

At what time the room will be available?
We are pleased to make the room available for our guests the day of arrival as soon as possible. When the rooms have been all busy, we will do our best to let the rooms be available at 1 in the afternoon.

At what time does the room have to be free at the day of departure?
We kindly ask the guests to leave the room before 10 in the morning at the day of departure, so it can be prepared for the new guests. We ask you to leave your car-place before 11 in the morning. If you would like to postpone your departure to the evening and you would like to use the services of the hotel, there will be a charge of € 50 for each room. However, please contact the reception and ask if there is the possibility.

At what time the breakfast will be served?
At 8 in the morning the croissants are taken out of the oven and the breakfast-buffet is perfectly prepared. And the breakfast will be finished at 11.

What are the times of the restaurants?
For those who like to have lunch, the Italian "Ristorante Belvedere" opens at 12.30 in the afternoon and finishes at 2 in the afternoon, in the Panoramic Hotel's terrace in front of the beach. The dinner starts at 07.30 in the evening in the dining-room and finishes at 8.30. For the children it is possible to ask for the preparation of baby food, with products taken by you, 30 minutes before the dinner starts. We kindly ask you to not enter the dining-room with the baby-carriage and the strollers, to guarantee the safety and the convenience of all guests and staff.

Where can I leave the car?
The hotel has its own and closed but not guarded parking and some car-boxes in the garage. During the booking it is possible to ask to reserve a place for the car in the garage.

Is there an internet connection in the hotel?
Close to the entrance there is a computer that the guests can use to connect to internet. Besides, at the ground floor there is a wi-fi connection of 1 giga for those who have a wi-fi notebook.

How far is the hotel from the historical center?
The historical center of Caorle is about 15 minutes by feet on the Lungomare Trieste, the promenade of Levante Beach.

Is there a bus service in Caorle?
Yes. The bus-stop is just in front of the hotel.

Is there a shuttle service from/ to the airport?
We don't have our own shuttle service, but we can reserve a taxi for your moves and your excursions. There is however a transfer-service, managed by the ATVO, from and to the airport of Treviso. The cost of the bus-ticket will be refunded by us as a drink-voucher.

Which credit cards are accepted?
We accept the following credit cards: Visa - Carta Sì - Master Card - Bancomat.