Fish Festival 2018

Cooked by the fishermen themselves, fried or grilled with polenta, our fresh fish is the beloved star ingredient of the festival which fills Caorle with thousands of foodies in September each year on the occasion of the most typical event in Caorle tradition: the Fish Festival!

Even the scenery is particularly charming, considering that the festival takes place on the “Sacheta” beach, on the portion of shore adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel. Indeed, it is on the beach itself that food and wine stalls are set up, along with bar kiosks and tables to accommodate over five hundred people!

For the occasion, casoni will be recreated. These typical sheds are made of ditch reeds from Caorle Lagoon to embellish the festival with a truly special regatta which can be observed from the reef and from the pier just a stone's throw from the Shrine.

Live music and theatre performances enrich this festival which we local caorlotti truly love. No less important is the latest new addition to the event, a gastronomic competition where would-be chefs are thrown into the fray with professional chefs in a challenge, in two separate categories, involving grilling sardines: “Sardee in Grea”!

The 2018 edition of the Fish Festival (14th-15th-16thSeptember and 22nd-23rd September)

On the evening of Friday 14th September: the Fish Fête opens with “Sardee in Grea”

Whet your palates on Friday evening with a very special competition where 40 pairs (20 amateur cooks and 20 professional chefs) will rise to the challenge and grill sardines on the water's edge, seasoning them subsequently with a maximum of five ingredients and dishing them up as they see fit! A panel of experts guided by the gastronomic journalist Fabrizio Nonis will reward the top three cooks for both categories, in a playful atmosphere that will contaminate everyone in attendance!

P.S. On the occasion of the “Sardee in Grea” event, our typical sea and land products will be available for sale at the wooden houses in “Villaggio Gusta Caorle”. Possibility of tasting wines, beers and local dishes, including the delicious sardines. But for a genuine bellyful of fish the event starts on Saturday evening!

Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd September evening: food and wine stalls open.

The “Fish Festival” will be in full swing and you will finallyget to try the fish caught and cooked by the fishermen of Caorle right on the water's edge!

On Sunday 16th September and on Sunday 23rd for both lunch and dinner,: the stalls remain open for a gastronomic journey embellished by games and musical performances!

N.B. On Sunday 16th September the regatta on “mascarete” will begin at 2:30 pm - on typical oar boats used in Caorle for fishing and hunting in the valleys! Departure and arrival always at “Sacheta” beach.